Our Services

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We are independent fee-only financial planners. We receive no compensation from any other party nor do we sell any products or take any commissions. As fiduciaries your interests ALWAYS come first.

Our current hourly billing rate is $250 per hour.

Investment Management:

We manage money on a retainer basis ($1000 per quarter minimum) or an hourly basis for smaller accounts (less than $250,000).   We feel assets under management billing model (AUM) presents unavoidable conflicts of interest.   Paying off a mortgage or using investment assets for real estate investments are two examples. Immediate annuities will provide lifetime income but AUM compensated advisors routinely dismiss them. Particularly troublesome is the growing trend of charging AUM fees on defined contribution plan assets. Some AUM managers encourage clients to take Social Security early to minimize withdrawals from investment assets.  Our retainer/hourly model runs circles around Class A and Class C shares also.

Financial Plans:

These plans can be part of an investment management agreement or a stand-alone plan for a self-directed investor. Comprehensive financial plans generally run from $2250 to $3250 depending on complexity.

Financial Reviews:

These are limited scope engagements generally focusing on a single area, usually investment advice for self-directed investors. Sometimes couples use these to coordinate their investment advice. She has an IRA and a Roth and her husband has a SEP-IRA and 401K…what to do?

Social Security Planning:

We can incorporate Social Security planning into our Financial Review and Financial Plans for pre-retirees. Social Security planning is included in our investment management agreements.

Real Time Financial Planning:

We offer one to two hour sessions for people who have an immediate need for advice and nowhere else to go. I find these especially enjoyable because we help people outside the system.

Our Financial Methodology

  • Our investment approach is to pursue a balanced portfolio allocation with subsequent annual re-balancing. Each client’s allocation is mutually agreed upon based on the client’s goals, risk tolerance and financial situation.
  • In retirement clients should update and monitor their withdrawal rate annually.
  • Pre-retirement, we encourage our clients to regularly save via automatic monthly draft from their checking and/or savings accounts.
  • The prudent use of consumer debt is critical.
  • College savings plans currently offer unique opportunities for future education needs.
  • We urge clients to evaluate and update their insurance coverage as their needs change. Understand what you have.
  • You will never get out of this world alive. We recommend clients have an estate plan in place. We urge professional guidance for estate and succession planning.  Stay current as legislation and tax implications change often. Even though you may not have an estate tax liability you still need to plan.